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Monday, October 17, 2016

Transfer Pricing Basics - Price, Benefits, Risks

Transfer Pricing; Methods, Advantages and Disadvantages

By Candice Manko,
When a company decides to add other facilities in another state or even more so, when they choose to trade internationally, then they must act in accordance with the complex process of transfer pricing. Transfer pricing is known as the rates or prices that are established when selling goods or services between company departments, divisions, or even between a parent company and a subsidiary. Just in case you aren't aware, a parent company is what's known as a company who takes control over another company (or several companies) by owning a significant amount of it's voting stock. Whereas a subsidiary would be a company of which is owned and controlled by another. When it is used correctly, one of the many advantages of transfer pricing is that it can assist the company in managing its profit and loss ratios more efficiently. However, one of the most common disadvantages the company must look out for is double taxation. There are various methods and options that a company can pick and choose from in order to try and work their way through their desired advantages and undesired disadvantages.
             Companies have three general methods that they can choose from when establishing their transfer pricing and each of them have their own advantages and disadvantages as well. The first option would be market-based transfer pricing, which is an act of pricing based off of a competitive and stable external market that is concerned with a similar transferred product or service. Through this method, the transfer will occur when it is in the best interests of the shareholders. If the shareholders do not prefer the transfer, it will be refused by at least one of the divisional managers.  However, one of the disadvantages is that the prices for some commodities can undergo unpredictable price changes and can fluctuate widely and quickly. A second option could be cost-based transfer pricing, through which the pricing is based on the production costs. This method would require the specified notation of any costs (actual or budgeted, full or variable, as well as the amount of added markups, if any). Adding a markup to costs would be the result of adding a set amount to the cost of goods or services, which would then be charged to the buyer.  One possible disadvantage of this method is the chance that the buyer might be able to source the product that is needed at a lower cost elsewhere. Lastly, the third method would be negotiated transfer prices, which is when the divisional managers negotiate a mutually agreeable price. One of the advantages of this method is that it creates the concept of which division managers buy and sell from one another in a manner that stimulates arm's length transactions. However, it is not guaranteed that the outcome of these price negotiations will serve the best interests of the company or the shareholders. Therefore the transfer price doesn't necessarily depend on profit-maximizing production and sourcing decisions, instead it could mainly depend on whichever manager is the better poker player.
            One general advantage that all companies involved in transfer pricing can look out for and try to manage on their own, would be to establish high transfer prices for their goods and services and transfer them to a unit that is located in a jurisdiction that has low tax rates. This will result in the company having more revenue that is subjected to a lower tax rate and less revenue that is subjected to a higher tax rate. However, when the goods and services are traded in the opposite direction, from a low-tax rate jurisdiction to a higher tax rate jurisdiction, it is better to set the transfer price to as low as possible. This is not an illegal or bad way of working the system; in fact, in a way it sort of helps the shareholders out by creating ways to avoid paying unnecessary taxes.
            A key element when working with transfer pricing is to maintain a buyer-seller relationship between units of a single company. Even though owners may not think that one location selling parts or services to another unit falls under this category, the various taxing authorities may think otherwise. This leads to a common disadvantage that unfortunately many companies that are involved in transfer pricing within different taxation authorities or jurisdictions have to deal with, which is double taxation. Double taxation occurs when a company is forced to obey the taxation authorities of two jurisdictions due to overlapping or conflicting tax laws and regulations. When companies are dealing with companies in another state it might be a good idea for them to look into their tax laws and regulations first to be sure of what method to choose when they begin their transfer pricing. It's a difficult process already to handle a business within one state, let alone having to prepare multiple tax filings and understand and follow multiple taxation methods as well. Nonetheless, it is better for a company who is involved in transfer pricing to have a knowledgeable understanding of the different ways they can increase their chances of experiencing the advantages while decreasing their chances of experiencing disadvantages.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Understanding becoming a Commodities Broker and Trader

Almost every person wishes to turn their business know how into a profitable venture, and it is commodities and futures trading that helps them get there. Basically commodities are items like, wheat, corn, gold and silver, and Cattle and Pork Bellies, Crude Oil and etc.

When farmers take their crop to "market", they are selling commodities.

Trading commodities is the world's one perfect business for Commodity Brokers. The upside potential is unlimited and you can control the downside. People can trade commodities on a part time basis or a full-time basis. You can spend as little as an hour or two a day yet earn a full-time income.

Who are Commodity Brokers ?

Commodity Brokers are people that are dedicated to providing their clients with the knowledge and guidance needed to succeed in trading the future markets like corn, soybeans, wheat, crude oil, unleaded gas, gold, silver, and many more.

Brokers make sure that when an order is filled, you will be called promptly. Brokers are now successfully employed after he receives his broker's license and built up a client base during his internship.

In the present modern age of investing, commodity trading has emerged as an important player in the way many people invest. Commodity Brokers developed it as a reaction to the way the business is conducted, and it continues today in the form of commodities trading online.

Brokers keep in touch with the volatile agricultural markets & offer the best deals at current prevailing market rates to their customers. The Commodity Brokers are your eyes and ears to the futures marketplace. They have to first sell or price the crop locally and then purchase an at-the-money.

Brokers are forced to trade places with a black street hustler. They provide professional services for all sorts of commodity investors. Commodity Brokers collect commission and offer professional assistance.

Brokers are touting futures as a way to protect investors retirement-plan money against a downturn in the high-flying stock market. They use their experience to maximize customer gain. The established Commodity Brokers have the resources and network to provide sound investment advice. A commodities broker provides personal service to meet company or individual needs.

The Brokers can assist with your specific investment strategy. Some Commodity Brokers focus on a specific group of commodities and futures, while others offer diverse investment options. Brokers also serve regional or global markets.

Commodity Brokers research should be conducted when considering the purchase of commodity futures or their various options. Commodity research should include the actual good being traded and the terms of the contract being exchanged. A wise investor conducts proper commodity research before deciding on a commodity investment.

Commodity research by the Brokers can be conducted in the traditional form of a library, trade journal, or market report. More recently, it has been made available through the Internet. Many websites make commodity research easy by providing information on specific commodities, market forecasts, and historical reports.

Commodity Brokers not only closely track the commodities future options, but they also analyze and report in many financial publications. Some publications issue reports on commodities futures options monthly, while others issue daily summaries.

From one commodity market to the other, many commodity futures options are available to the Brokers . Exchanges of contracts and various goods take place in commodities futures options every day. Time invested in researching commodities futures options can prove to be profitable.

Often Commodity Brokers will provide you with insight needed to form a fair price on commodities. There is a great skill involved and it is not as simple as being able to pour through commodities reports. Without the advantages of a Broker the average person would need to devote a good deal of time and effort to understand all that is involved.

With their assistance, you will benefit from having an authority to consult with, someone who can guide you and who genuinely wants to see you succeed in your profit making skills as a commodities investor.

Thus, we can summarize this saying that good Commodity Brokers will help you to make sense of the often complicated world of commodities futures trading. Having the knack to determine the prices of unfinished goods does not come easily to most.

They are there to help you determine what the price of a particular commodity should be.

By William Smith

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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

How to sell bonds - Selling bonds to institutions

Learn how to sell bonds to Institutions

Learn how to sell:
Government Bonds
Mortgage Backed Securities
Corporate Bonds
Floating or Adjustable rate bonds

And how to sell bonds to:

Credit unions
Trust Departments
Money Managers
Pension Funds
And more.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Commodities and Forex Broker from home job available - Apply now!

We have a firm who is hiring commodities broker and forex traders where you can work from home.

No experience is needed. We will train. I'm also hiring independent financial adviser trainees. This is a legitimate 6 figure industry. We need people. Some will not make the money others do, but those that do, made it from their drive and motivation.

This Position carries a monthly training allowance/salary of $800 per month (min of 30 hrs per week) plus unlimited commission/bonus once you get going or you can work part time for commission and bonus only.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Series 4 Exam Course Training - Pass the Series 4 Registered Options Principal Exam

Registered Options Principal Exam - Series 4 License

The Series 4 exam is for managers supervising options sales personnel or supervising compliance for a FINRA brokerage firm. You must have a Series 7 license before taking the Series 4 exam. All Course Material is updated for current questions. Our Series 4 training course covers all of the topics that are needed to pass the Registered Options Principal Exam.

Our self-study course includes our print Study Manual with CD Final Exams. 

Exams can be taken using our Q&A method, receiving immediate feedback after each question and then in test mode to experience the actual exam.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Series 3 Licensing - Full Home Study Series 3 Course

Pass the Series 3 without sponsorship or employment. Become a Series 3 commodities and futures broker
  • Study Book with over 200 pages - over 500 Chapter and Final Exam questions with detailed Answers.
  • Two simulated Final Exams with complete explanations.
  • Computer CD Test Simulator - multiple chapter exams with explanation for each 10 chapters. 5 Final exams with explanations.


Sunday, May 15, 2016

Job Alert: Independent Commodities and Futures Broker

CFTE Global is Hiring Independent Commodites and Futures Broker Trainees

No Experience Needed - Will Train

Location: New York Firm but you can work from home anywhere in the U.S

This Position carries a monthly training allowance/salary of $800 per month (min of 30 hrs per week) plus unlimited commission/bonus once you get going or you can work part time for commission and bonus only.

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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Series 3 study manual and software - Study Prep for the commodities and futures license

This is the complete Series 3 Book and CD Test Simulator combo course from American Investment Training. It is fully updated in it's 20th edition with "exam tough" practice questions and full study text.

Study Book with over 200 pages - over 500 Chapter and Final Exam questions with detailed Answers.
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Computer CD Test Simulator - multiple chapter exams with explanation for each 10 chapters. 5 Final exams with explanations.The exam software contains additional Series 3 Practice questions. AND FREE tutorial help!

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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Futures Commodities Job - Futures Fund Manager and Trader

Position: Futures Funds Manager - Principal

Global commodities firm seeks several people as Futures Fund Managers. Very strong compensation structure. Opportunities are available throughout the United States at this firm. Licensing required We assist with that.

No prior fund managing experience needed

Ability to learn and communicate

Flexible hours

$100,000+ combined compensation possible in first year (salary plus bonus)

email resume to aitbroker at gmail dot com

CFT Global Futures Inc.
Chicago New York Los Angeles


Position: Commodities Broker - Futures Trader Job

Leading global futures and commodities trading firm is seeking futures brokers and traders. NO EXP Needed. Will train. You will need to be licensed. We help you with that

24/7 trading opportunity
salary plus commission
software provided
full training

Communication skills needed
Drive to earn an unlimited income

email resume to aitbroker at gmail dot com

CFT Global Futures Inc.
Chicago New York Los Angeles

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Commodities Trader Jobs - Futures and Commodities Broker Job

Leading Commodities and Futures Trading Firm in New York is seeking motivated persons to work from their home office as Brokers and Traders. This is a GLOBAL Opportunity available for anyone who meets the qualifications. NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED. Will Train. You will need to get licensed if you are considered.

Work with our trading platform and trade for accounts. This is a 24/7 environment. You can make your own hours.

Trade futures, option contracts, commodities and more. THIS is where the big $ is made in the market. YOU CAN WORK FROM WHEREVER YOU ARE.

What we are looking for:

Strong Communication Skills
Desire to make an unlimited amount of commissions
Desktop or Laptop PC
Able to think fast and work fast

We are a 30 year old firm with independent commodities brokers and futures traders around the world.

We do pay a salary in the first 2 months. $800 per month base plus commission.

Our traders average over $100,000 within their first 2 years.

Please reply to aitbroker at with resume.

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Become a Licensed Commodities and Futures Broker by Passing the Series 3 exam.

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Two simulated Final Exams with complete explanations.
Computer CD Test Simulator - multiple chapter exams with explanation for each 10 chapters. 5 Final exams with explanations.The exam software contains additional Series 3 Practice questions.

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American Investment Training

Futures and Commodities Broker Training Courses. Series 3, Series 30, Series 31, Series 34

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Series 31 exam prep - pass the Series 31 futures managed funds

You can become licensed in futures managed funds by passing the Series 31 exam. Similar to the Series 3 License, the 31 is regulated by the NFA - National Futures Association.

The exam can be taken daily at Prometric test centers, after studying with American Investment Training

NO SPONSOR REQUIRED - PASS THE 31 WITHIN 1 WEEK - no experience required

SERIES 31 COURSE DETAILS - Futures Managed Funds

No prior topic knowledge of the Series 31 exam subjects that is required beforehand. The training book takes you from beginning, and you can progress as fast or slow as you feel comfortable in. Full training support is given to all students who are enrolled.

Online topics include:

General Market and Futures Knowledge
NFA Regulations
CTA and CPO Rules
Futures and Margins
Types of Orders
Spread Strategies
Futures Speculation
Broker and Trader Functions


Series 7 Sponsorship - Become an Independent Broker Series 7 Sponsor Broker Guide

Start the process of becoming an independent broker with Series 7 sponsorship

Learn what licenses you may need and the top brokerage firms to affiliate with. Where to take the Series 7 and what is on the exam.

American Investment Training provides a special "how to become a successful broker or adviser" Guide for getting your Series 7 and working as an independent

Setting up an independent branch of an existing firm allows you to maintain your core CPA, law, real estate, mortgage, insurance or investment related business. You will simply have an option to market securities to your existing clients and clear the trades through our firm. You will receive monthly commissions on everything you earn.

First published in 1999, this Ebook has sold thousands! and has been updated several times. Packed with valuable information on licensing, sponsorship, independent broker programs, Series 7 Outline, and outlines for the Series 63 and 65, full breakdown of all licenses, testing procedures, test center sites, sales and much more! Over 50 Pages.

All the inside information you need from American Investment Training! - The leader in financial licensing for Broker Professionals. This Broker Guide also includes the full exam outline for the Series 7. Get the edge! Emailed same day!

The Broker Career Guide can help anyone including:

Licensed and Producing Brokers
Mortgage brokers
Real Estate agents
Insurance brokers
Pension and retirement planning consultants
Other financial sales people
ANYONE looking to get into Stocks, Bonds, Funds and more

Get the Guide direct through AIT and the Finance Career website here:

Friday, April 8, 2016

Series 30 License - Futures Branch Managers Exam - Study Prep

Pass the Series 30 Futures Branch Manager Exam in a week with this complete Course Book. This training comes with full support from me if you have questions during the course.

This is the full futures branch manager's training course from AIT - American Investment Training. 20 hours study time recommended. Final Exams. 11 Sections. Over 20 yrs produced and full support to all students!

Over 100 pages with chapter exams after each section.

Over 150 chapter and final exam questions with detailed answers

Visit: to get the Series 30 Course and begin.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Futures and Commodities Licensing - No Sponsorship needed.

Full packaged combo course of hard copy text book and software of Series 3 exam questions to become a licensed commodities broker.


All is included to prepare and get you passed and licensed.

20th edition published.

The Futures Broker Home Study Course has 8 sections, each covering one of the topics in the National Futures Association's study outline for the National Commodity Futures Exam (Series 3).

The course is updated as needed!

The Quizzes have expanded answer keys showing calculations and/or page references for answers.

2 final exams are patterned after the NCFE (National Commodity Futures Exam) and each has an expanded answer key.
Economy! Study at home in your spare time. No need to travel, miss work, or pay food and lodging, as with seminars. Also, competitively priced!

Success! Some customers report a pass-rate in excess of 90% on the NCFE. Of course, your results may vary, depending on time studied, prior knowledge, and aptitudes.

Free Phone Support! If you have questions about our material, the NCFE, or futures in general we're just a phone call away with the answer.

40–50 study hours recommended.

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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Test Outline for the Series 3 Licensing Exam

The futures and commodities license (Series 3) covers a targeted range of topics that are tested. Some sections carry more questions than others.

Topics on the Series 3:

Terms and Definitions:

General Theory
Futures Contracts
Structure of futures markets
Hedging Theory
Speculative theory
Futures terminology
Options terminology

futures margins, option premiums,
price limits, futures settlements, delivery,
exercise, and assignment

Margin Requirements
Option Premiums
Price Limits
Offsetting Contracts, Settlements, Delivery
Options Exercise, Assignment, Settlement

types of orders, customer accounts,
price analysis

Basic Characteristics
Additional Orders
Technical Pricing Analysis
Fundamental Price Analysis
Interest Rate Analysis

basic hedging, basis calculations,
hedging futures

Short Hedging and Long Hedging


Types and Spread trading

speculating in futures

Profit/loss calculations
Trading Applications

option hedging, speculating, spreading

Option Theory
Option Hedge Strategies and Calculations
Speculative Strategies
Option Spread Strategies



End Of Outline portion

Throughout this blog you will find tutorials and study help.

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Sunday, January 31, 2016

How To Get a Job as a Futures Broker and Trader

Working in the futures and commodities market can be a very exciting career. NFA firms are looking for people with certain skills and many people need an edge to get into the right trading firm. Most Futures trading firms do not advertise on typical job sites.

Direct recruiting is usually the way companies look to bring in good people. However, if you learn what these firms are looking for and what to put on your resume (even if you are not experienced) can give you that edge you could use.

One of our best resources used to teach people what they need to know is:

The EBOOK "20 Tips for getting a futures commission merchant (FCM) or introducing broker (IB)"

Only $27 and it can be downloaded immediately. 

A career with a FCM or IB can change your life. Working for a firm in a 24/7 market and trade all over the world. Paid training and licensing is usually provided.

Licensing may include the:





All of the above can be taken without a sponsor firm. We advise to take some of these exams so they can appear on your resume and make you a more attractive job candidate.

For these courses, please visit American Investment Training - through the COURSES PAGE for methods including Online, Books and Software.

And don't forget the HOW TO GET HIRED EBOOK

Happy job hunting and to a great career in the futures market!

NFA Futures Ethics Training - Ethics Basics

NFA Futures brokers and others may be required to take an Ethics training module for compliance.

Many traders and brokers use this as a reference.

Beginning the ethics course qualifies you for 6 logins to inside of which to finish the course. As you progress through the course, you can print out the materials. You will experience survey addresses intermittently. When they are addressed effectively, the course will propel you to the following area.

You won't be permitted to come back to a past segment once it has been finished; along these lines, all printouts ought to be made before noting the last audit question for every area. Endless supply of the course, you will have the capacity to print a Letter of Completion demonstrating your name, date of preparing and the course title, and the time spent online in this morals instructional class.

Topic Include:

  • National Futures NFA Regulations
  • Contract Markets
  • Trading Ethics
  • Integrity and Honesty 
  • Identifying Conflicts Of Interest
  • Customer Evaluation and Recommendations
  • Risk Disclosures
  • Customer Account Trading Orders
  • Principals and Manager Functions
Only $35

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