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Thursday, December 24, 2015

How To Become a Futures Broker or Trader

Learn to be a futures and commodities broker. Pass the Series 3 Exam with American Investment Training. 


Preparing for the series 3 exam usually takes 6-8 weeks of 1-2 hours per day home study. The exam is a multiple choice test. The exam includes the following topics:
  • Definitions and introductions to cash contracts, forward contracts 
  • Understanding strategies and calculating gain and loss
  • Options, Futures and Hedging
  • Calculating initial margin deposits and additional margin
  • Trading floor procedures and understanding functions of traders and brokers
  • NFA (National Futures Association) rules and regulations
  • Reporting rules and customer accounts
You must answer 70% of the questions correct to pass the Series 3 exam. The test has 120 questions. There are no license pre-requisites before registering for this exam. Prior financial knowledge and experience is not required for you to pass the exam. There is some math, but it's not too difficult once you see how trading and calculating gains and losses are shown. Understanding how margin and commissions work is a key, as they are important factors in answering the question correctly.

The exam is given on computer administered by Pearson testing centers. There are hundreds of these test centers across the country. You must register for the exam through FINRA prior to taking the Series 3 test. The Series 3 can be taken at most centers 5 days a week. Meaning, once you are registered to take the exam, you can reserve any of the week you want.

90% First Time Pass Rate