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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Introduction to the Series 3 Exam - Futures and Commodities License

The Series 3 is the Commodities and Futures contracts certification license. American Investment Training offers course materials to pass the Series 3 Exam. This license is for Futures and Commodities trading. Series three brokers represent customers in futures and commodities trading. Transactions take place on specific futures exchanges.

The Series 3 is a 120 question Multiple choice exam that includes True and False Questions

The exam basically breaks down into 8 sections

1 - Futures Trading and Theory

2 - Margins, options contracts and premiums - including all facets of futures options contracts (expiration rules and time, exercising and trading)

4 - Customer Orders

5 - Spread contracts

6 - Future Speculation

7 - Hedging for protection and income

8 - Rules and Regulations from the NFA National Futures Association

Series 3 Passing Grade

To pass the Series exam, you must pass 2 sections and get a score of 70% or more. If you fail the test, you must wait 30 days.

American Investment Training and our partners provides Series 3 Online Courses

You do not need a sponsor firm to take the Series 3, Series 30, 31, 34 or any NFA Futures Exam.
American Investment Training provides all of our students with the self registration form and full support to get set up and take the exam.

Course Options:

Series 3 Book and Software Training - Updated with fast delivery worlwide

Online Course with no books required - Start right away from anywhere in the world.

Study time can vary but normally we suggest allowing 4-6 weeks